We Build Leaders.

We strive to nurture emerging leaders and give them an outlet to perform outstanding community service as well as well as provide workshops, professional speakers, and networking events to build them as young professionals in their career.



Our Story

Atlas Rotaract was founded to help young professionals commit to a higher standard of leadership, learning, and service. Founded in 2019 by Jeremy Moore, Atlas Rotaract is a way to assist young adults to develop their professional skills and prepare them for working in collaborative roles. Under the guidance of the Carrollton Dawnbreakers Rotary Club, Rotaract has expanded its efforts to connect our members with our community leaders to provide mentorship and has extended to volunteer missions around
Carroll County.

Our Mission

Rotaract provides an opportunity for Young Professionals any where in the world to meet and exceed their own expectations through Leadership Development, Collaborative Learning, and Civic Engagement. Through each other, we hope that each of us develops as citizens as well as young professionals.

Our Motto

Lead: We develop leaders, so that we may ensure our community's growth.

Learn: We actively listen to the leaders of today so that we may better guide our community tomorrow.

Serve: We engage with the local and international community to create new and enriching opportunities.

See for yourself, the difference that you can make: