Young Leaders: Philip Flindt

Philip Flindt: Young leaders


Philip Muneer Højstrup Flindt is a student at The Danish School of Media and Journalism, studying Media Production and Management, and he is also a charting member of Rotaract Copenhagen North. Currently he fills the position in his club as “klubmester” (Club Master) which is a tradition in Denmark to add to the board of directors. Alongside studying Philip is also a business owner running his own DJ management bureau and gear rental service. They mainly do full production packages including DJs, party photographers, sound- and light/laser production for private events, schools, institutions, companies, etc.


I asked Philip about some of his thoughts about being an active and involved member of Rotaract and also his experience as a young leader.

Preparing for Production

Preparing for Production


What do you think you gain from being a member of Rotaract?

As a member of Rotaract I am a part of a major international network. I have the opportunity to do charity projects, network with interesting people across education and occupation and even ethnicity, religion, political opinions as well as across the globe. Besides networking and charity I gain knowledge in the form of project management skills, leadership, networking, etc.


One of the focuses in Rotaract is advancing leadership skills of the youth, what does leadership mean to you?

Leadership to me is diverse. I follow a variety of leadership principles – lead by example, encouragement as well as dividing responsibility to others. It means learning the right management tools to lead, but also to set an example – not only within a work environment but also in the world or community.


How have you developed during your time in Rotaract?

I strongly believe the major skill I have developed or advanced during my time in Rotaract is an understanding and respect for other cultures, occupations and opinions. An open-mindness and an outgoing mindset. All skills I apply in my daily life as well as in my business and voluntary work in various organizations.


Do you have any advice for future entrepreneurs like yourself?

Be part of a strong network and work hard. Always keep true to yourself.