Steve Hord: A Reflection on Service

Service: A Reflection by Mr. Steve Hord


This past week I was given the opportunity to interview Douglas County’s Boys and Girls

Club Executive Director Mr. Steve Hord. The Boys and Girls Club is a national

organization that fosters youth to reach their full potential as responsible citizens through

engaging after school programs and development series. Mr. Hord has and continues to commit his life to serving and building up the youth. We would like to share with you his

reflection on what he has discovered about himself, the youth he serves, and the

Smiling for the Future

Smiling for the Future

community as a whole in his 3 decades of service.





Miringu: “What did you find as a result of going into service work?”

Mr. Hord: “I am not going to grow up, the kids will not let you grow up. I learned a long

time ago that I can still learn from kids. I can learn from the life experiences that they

walk through everyday. I learned from my parents and board supporters over the years

that they think I am a patient person. Those near me know that I am anything but a

patient person…. I wanted it yesterday. Whatever it was I wanted it yesterday or earlier,

but our kids, our families, our supporters both in kind and financially are hard working

volunteers and board members, they have a way of humbling you…. they are the people

to fall back on. Also, I guess you find something about yourself. Anybody can do what I

do, some do it better, but… do they want to do it as bad as I want to do it? Those are the

things you learn about yourself along the way.”