Dara Auguste: Pinky Promise

Dara Auguste: Pinky Promise


Dara Auguste is a sophomore and Early Childhood Education major at The University of West Georgia. She is also the President of Pinky Promise, a student led organization that promotes commitment and faith to God. I had the opportunity to ask Dara about her organization and the impact she would like it to have on the campus. Below is our conversation.


  • What is Pinky Promise and why did you start it?


Pinky Promise is a commitment to honor God with your life and body. We believe in celibacy before marriage, developing Godly relationships, and having accountability partners. I felt there was a need on campus for women to have an outlet to be Christian and remember their worth and value. Its not so much that I thought of myself as a leader but rather I felt as though God led me to do it.


  • Accountability?  


We focus on freshmen and sophomores. The first year is dangerous and toxic. If you get lost in the world, it is so hard... but if you have Christ as a foundation then when you mess up you won’t go to the world (drugs, drinking, and the like) to solve your problems.


  • What does good leadership mean to you?


Being a good leader means being a good follower, being humble, being able to say I was wrong.  You have to learn and develop, be open to new ideas, listening is a huge thing, people just want you to listen. Also you have to know your group, you have to be interpersonal. Really it’s nothing big or fancy; anyone can be a leader, and whether you know it or not people are looking to you as an example and influence in their own life.


  • Is there anything you would like to say to students who may read this?


For any relationship to work there must be God, communication, trust, respect, and both must want to be in the relationship, and a relationship is more than a guy and girl, we have relationships with everyone in our life.


If you would like to find out more about Pinky Promise you can contact their leadership team by phone, or email.  

  • Dara Auguste: 678-570-1069    Email: Daugust2@my.westga.edu

  • Naomi: 678-548-5584                 Email: Nbrisar1@my.westga.edu

  • Organization Email: pinkypromiseuwg@gmail.com

Also be sure to follow them on Instagram @Pinky_promiseuwg .