Zipporah Smith: Circle K

Zipporah Smith: Circle K

Zipporah Smith is currently a junior at The University of West Georgia and is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. Zipporah currently serves as the President of Circle K International on campus; an organization focused on fellowship, service, and leadership.  We had a great conversation about what Circle K means to her, including how she uses some of its guiding principles in her life.


  • What does Circle K strive towards?


Live to serve, Love to serve… that is what we want to ingrain in our members. We are part of Kiwanis, an International organization which begins with K Kids in elementary, Builders Club in middle school, Key Club in high-school, and then continues with Circle K in college; all of us are a family within ourselves. We partner with Unicef for The Eliminate Project; we raise funds in the different clubs and then we have a huge district convention where all the regions come together and the money raised goes to saving lives in third world countries by providing vaccines to protect babies from getting infected with tetanus.  We like to keep the group small, 18 members, which allows us to grow with one another, assist each other and uplift each other. Really it’s about giving back to those who are unfortunate; we focus on education awareness and are involved in volunteer work both on and off campus.


  • How has Circle K impacted you and what has it taught you about leadership?


I didn’t know how much growth I would be doing, the role of President involves many things; I really rely on team support which is also why we like to keep a small unit, we rely on one another and trust each other. Whenever I think of a good leader I think of Jesus, in regards of being a servant leader. When a member sees a leader work hard, in return they will strive to their greatest potential due to exemplified work ethic. Simply allowing hard work to shape character.


  • What does service mean to you?


To willingly put down what you are doing to provide for someone else… assisting them at any means possible. During one of our volunteer services, Circle K went to a school where not a lot of young people knew how to read, we helped by not excluding them, but instead with our actions we  said “we see you where you are and will provide the best opportunity for you”. The passion to care…  to want to help someone… to walk in someone else’s shoes to provide the best resources for that person.


  • Is there anything you would like to say to students who may read this?


Everyone is designed for greatness, we are spiritual creatures and it is up to us to tap into that nature. So often we struggle with adversity and what people say…. but if we can get past that we can soar so high.