Running Towards a Dream

Running Towards A Dream

David Slotsgaard Bredo is a runner. After graduating high school he has taken a year to pursue his passion - running.


David is an ordinary boy from Denmark, and he has a very unusual goal - his goal is to get into Klub100 (Club100). Klub100 is an exclusive ranking list of runners who have completed at least 100 registered marathons. David does not have a deadline to complete all the marathons, though he wants to be the youngest in Denmark and the 3rd youngest in the world, to complete the 100 marathons.


But how do you stay so motivated and focused on a project that seems to be so overwhelming?

I asked David what the secret to his dedication possibly could be.



Q: Why do you want to become a member, the youngest member ever, of Klub100?

A: When I was younger I shared the same dream as all the other boys, I wanted to be a professional soccer player. Since that did not happen I had to find another ambitious goal. I wanted a goal that would be a challenge for myself, but also something that would be noticed by others.


Q: How do you stay passionate about running?

A: I mostly focus on my goal; becoming the youngest member of Klub100. But no doubt that the motivation also comes from the fact that what I do is what I love to do! If I did not like to run marathons it would had been an awful project. I really like what I am doing. Last, but not least I find motivation, inspiration and positivity in the running environment. The runners I know are so positive, helpful, happy and full over energetic.


Q: Which benefits do you get from running?

A: I usually say that one is a happier man when he has completed another marathon, compared to when he stood at the start line earlier that morning. That has been the case at every single marathon I have been running so far. Another benefit of doing what I do is that I meet a lot of interesting people. I have met people like Annette Fredskov who ran one marathon every day for 365 days. On the last day she even ran two marathons. Running also gives me a break. I try to get into my own zone when I run, and when I get there, it is the most amazing feeling.


Q: Do you have any advice for people who have a goal as comprehensive as yours?

A: Love what you are doing! It will take a lot of your time and energy so seek support from friends and family. If you have an athletic goal like I do remember the importance of practice, sleeping and eating (healthy). No matter what you want to do, it will take time and there will be bad days, but the journey to reaching your goal will bring you so much happiness.


So far David has completed 95 marathons.

By Freja Vulff