“Do Your Best.”


Meet Jordan Striblin - Jordan is a senior here at the University of West Georgia. If there is one thing I can say I learned while having the pleasure of interviewing Jordan it's that ambition is the driver of dreams, and Jordan isn’t afraid to press the pedal.

Jordan is a highly active student: Double Majoring in Business Management and Marketing, a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity (Two time Fundraising Chair, House Manager, Historian, and Treasurer), the current Executive Vice President of The Student Government Association as well as past Parliamentarian, and a Blue Coat serving as an ambassador of the student body to Alumni and Donors in association with the Department of University Advancement. In addition to his student responsibilities, Jordan is also the Marketing Manager and a General Manager at Roger’s “Pit Cooked” Bar-B-Que of Hogansville; a popular restaurant owned and operated by his family.


What role does ambition play in leadership and in achieving our goals, and how do we put it to use? I sat down with Jordan to find out.


What guides you toward leadership roles?


Experience. I want to gain knowledge through experience in hopes that I will be able to benefit the University and student body while I am here. I also anticipate that these experiences will prepare me for future endeavors; whatever they may be. It is about memories as well… life is a journey and I intend to enjoy making my own path.


What makes a great leader?


Ambition. It may sound cliché but a leader has to be able to desire larger accomplishments than he can currently obtain. Without ambition there is no need for a leader, there is no reason to progress, and no room to grow. The ambition is what allows a leader to handle a loss; there are going to be upsets so you need to have the willingness to accept responsibility, you need the ability to learn from your mistakes, and you need the ambition to do it better next time you do it in order to maintain loyal support.


And if you do experience a loss?


My Dad told me a long time ago, “Do Your Best.” He told me: as long as I did my best no one would ever be disappointed in me, as long as I did my best then it was the best I could have done, if it was the best I could have done then there is nothing to be ashamed of, and if it was the be

st I could have done then I will likely exceed all expectations. You have to be proud of the outcome of your best efforts and the outcome of your best efforts will be evident to you in the long run even if they are not evident to others in the short run.


We all have dreams but sometimes it seems that the desire itself is not enough, how do you turn ambition into the realization of your goal?

If you have a goal, don't do anything that would hinder it. Only take the steps that you believe will help you make it to that goal. If your next decision does not promote progress then it ultimately sets you back in either loss of opportunity or delayed achievement. Continue to take small steps and you will make progress; even if you don’t achieve that particular goal other opportunities will open and new goals will be set.





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Written By: Miringu Kiarie