Melvin Morris: Founder of Lite House Partners Incorporated

I am a 54 year old heart transplant patient from Chicago Illinois.  I started my first business at 10 and got hooked on the entrepreneur spirit.  I completed high-school and my first two years of college at the same time.  After graduation I moved to Atlanta Ga. and attended Morehouse College.  I have owned several successful businesses but my greatest accomplishment is Lite House Partners Inc. I love making a difference in the lives of children.  I am married to Leomi Morris and have 3 daughters and 3 grand kids.  My future goals are to double the size of my business, open a Lite House center in every state and live life to the fullest.


Jeremy: What is the value of an education to you?


Melvin:  Education is a key component to the success of life.  Education with common sense, networking, being ahead of the course, and faith in God equals success. 


Jeremy: What hurdles did you have to jump through to get where you are?


Melvin: When I acquired Lite House my biggest hurdles were to structure the company as a fortune 500 company.  I vision greatness for the company and set out through achievable goals to make the company # 1 in the industry.  Always remembering to build a solid foundation which allows for a super structure.


Jeremy: What is the value of networking at the college level as well as the professional level?


Melvin: Networking is a valuable component to the success of anyone.  "It’s not what you know but who you know.”  I contribute a lot of my success to networking.  People do business or refer business to you not because of your company or school but because of you. They must trust you.  They believe you will keep your word and follow through. 

By Jeremy Moore